Should You Choose a Tankless Water Heater?

Tankless water heaters, widely used in Europe and Japan, are increasingly popular in the United States as energy costs rise.  For the right situation, they can save hundreds of dollars per year and providing an endless supply of hot water.  For the wrong one, they can be an expensive mistake.

Tankless …

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Window Shopping: What are SHGC and VT?

On every window in a display room, you may notice a sticker from the National Fenestration Council with data that includes the U-factor, the SHGC, and the VT.  The U-factor is related to how well the window insulates, but what are the SHGC and VT, and why do they matter?

VT …

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Haute Couture Baby Clothes?

A friend of mine picked up several infant boy outfits from a thrift store in an upscale area for $1 to $2 each.  I noticed that one had a great deal of labor-intensive detailing on it, of the sort that you don’t normally see on infant clothes.  The clothes aren’t …

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What Is the U-Factor?

When considering insulation, most people are familiar with the term R-value, which is the resistance of a material to heat.  The higher the R-value, the better the insulator.  You can calculate an R-value from the U-factor that is advertised for a window by taking 1 and dividing it by the …

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Improve Window Energy Efficiency Without Buying New Windows

For most people in older houses, windows are the greatest cause of energy costs.  New windows may not be in the budget, but you may need a solution now for your huge energy bills.

Fortunately, there are many less expensive ways to reduce energy lost through your windows.  Here are five, …

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Why Are Chicken Breasts So Big?

There’s no doubt about it:  Chicken breasts have gotten a lot bigger over the past 20 years.  There are lots of rumors circling the internet about the increase in size—but most of them, fortunately, aren’t true.

“Chickens are Big Because of Hormones”

Neither poultry nor pigs are given hormones in any form …

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Baby Items You Don’t Need

Congratulations!  You’re pregnant.  You’re already making a list of things you need, from diapers to strollers, cribs to swings.  The market for baby products is huge, and even bigger is the hype surrounding every item that your baby supposedly absolutely cannot live without.

There are a few items, though, that are …

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Choosing a Secure Password

Identity theft and online fraud affected 12 million Americans last year, costing $1.53 billion dollars.  When individuals are targeted, one of the ways that crooks gain access to their private accounts is by hacking their passwords.  Choosing secure passwords reduces your chance of being a victim of fraud.

Most of what …

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How to Stockpile Food in an Apartment

Here’s a secret:  Every smart grocery shopper and couponer has a food stockpile.  Some are large enough to feed a family for a year, while others only have enough food for a month, but a major to spending less on groceries is to buy extras when you can get an …

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Save Money on Groceries in an Urban Center When You Don’t Have a Car

Most people in urban centers don’t have the same access to low-priced grocery stores people in the suburbs do.  Why?  There are three major reasons.

First, land prices are high, and there is little available real estate for building a full-sized or even half-sized grocery store, and those that are built …

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