How My Credit Card Is Saving Me 10+% On My Remodel At Lowe’s

remodelsmall How My Credit Card Is Saving Me 10+% On My Remodel At LowesRemodeling is expensive.  Even if you’re doing the work yourself, there are many materials to buy.  Now, there are ways to try to avoid going to a big box hardware store to purchase most of your supplies, but chances are, you’ll end up there at some point during your remodel.

So once you’re there, how do you save money?

Discount Gift Cards

For me, the big weapon for saving on my remodel is my Discover Card.  Discover gives me 1% Cashback on every purchase.  I can get it as cash, of course, but I can also get it as a $50 Lowe’s gift card.  The awesome part?  That gift card is only going to cost me $45 through the Discover Card redemption program.

10% off, baby.  On every purchase.  Even clearance items.

The only caveat is that you need to make sure you don’t throw the cards away with the junk mail when they arrive!  I’ve never done it, but it would be an easy mistake to make.

So what happens when I run out of Cashback Bonus money?  Why, then, I stroll over to Cardpool or Gift Card Granny and buy discounted gift cards there.  At Cardpool, I can buy Lowe’s gift cards at a 7% discount.  Gift Card Granny’s discounts depend on the seller, who is usually an individual wanting to exchange a gift card they don’t want for cash.

Occasionally, grocery stores like Safeway run specials on certain gift cards.  Father’s Day is a favorite time for this.  One year, I bought three $50 Lowe’s cards and got $30 in grocery credit–effectively getting 20% off.  There was no limit, so I could have gotten as many as 10, worth $500, if I was about to undertake a major project.

…And Even Without The Gift Cards

Right now, Discover Card also has 5% Cashback on certain home improvement purchases from April through June, including purchases made at Lowe’s. Other cards, like one offered by Capital One, have similar rotating cash rewards specials.

Using Lowe’s own branded in-store credit card gets you 5% off every day.

Want Even More Savings?

Lowe’s also periodically sends out $10 off $150 and $25 off $250 cards that can be stacked with any gift card.  If you’re not lucky enough to get one when you need to remodel, you can buy them on eBay.  I’m hoping my neighbors and I will get some soon!

And you are moving, you can get a 10% any one purchase up to $5000 coupon here.

Stacking for Savings

The best thing about the discount cards and the 10%-off coupon is that they can be combined with either a gift card or a credit card used as payment.  That way, you could get as much as 28% off with the $25 off $250 card and Safeway’s Father’s Day promotion cards, or more likely around 19% off for a discount gift card and the same card.

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Jenny Lang is an author, wife, homeschooling mother, investor, and pennypincher extraordinaire. She writes about smart financial living at the Frugal Guru Guide. Keep an eye out for her upcoming book, the Frugal Guru’s Guide to Everything Auto. Find her on Google Plus

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